Should I Take a Daily Aspirin?

For many people, taking an aspirin each day has a plethora of benefits.  Several years ago, almost every doctor recommended that people over age 50 take aspirin each day as well as those who have heart problems. But, things have changed and there are aspirin risks that may outweigh the benefits.

This may not be true for you, though. Before beginning an aspirin regimen, it is essential to first speak to your doctor. He can ensure that taking a daily aspirin is beneficial for your health.

Why Take a Daily Aspirin?

An aspirin a day can keep the heart doctor away. It works wonderfully to help improve heart health and can also lower blood pressure levels.  It may ward off the risk of strokes as well. If it involves the heart, aspirin can help. A daily aspirin can lower the risk of a heart attack and blood clots as well. All of these things help you live a healthier life for longer.

Are There Risks of Taking Aspirin Daily?

There are many known health risks of taking too much aspirin, which is yet another reason talking to your doctor is so important. In fact, the risks may be too serious to take aspirin daily. Too much of a good thing turns bad and when it comes to your health that is not a risk you should take.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

too much aspirin

When there is more aspirin than necessary in the body, you can experience a wide range of symptoms, including:

·    Stomach upset/ stomach pain

·    Kidney failure

·    Bleeding of the brain

These serious side effects do not happen to everyone, but they may not be worth the risk. Do not take aspirin daily before getting the approval from your doctor. He is trained and knows how to take care of your health.